supporting tissues in plants

Phloem companion cells– are small and short cell which are vertically elongated like the seive tube. Write short note on supporting tissue in plants Get the answers you need, now! Find answers now! They assist in conduction of food substance. It is one of the three ground tissues in plants and is involved in photosynthesis, food storage, and secretion. Cortex. Tissue contains 4 cell types namely vessel elements, tracheids, xylem parenchyma and xylem sclerenchyma. Parenchyma tissue is found in the inner layers of leaves, in fruits and seeds, and in the cortex and pith of roots and stems. The wood fibres generally make stems strong and rigid. All the tissues of a plant which perform the same general function, regardless of position or continuity in the body, constitute the tissue system. Xylem vessel :- are long tubular structure that are formed by the fusion of several  elongated cells which are joined. They are composed of cells with thick cell walls that whithstand mechanical forces. Sclerenchyma provides strength to the plant. Meristematic Tissue: • Cells of meristems divide continuously cells are similar in structure & have thin cellulose cell walls may be spherical, oval, polygonal or rectangular in shape contain few vacuoles • Found in regions of the plant that grow, mainly at tip of root & stem. Parenchyma tissue is the most common and abundant plant tisues. In the vascular bundles, the xylem vessels and fibres which are lignified add mechanical strength to the stems and roots of plant. 1. The cells of the fiber are narrow polygonal, elongated with tapering end. Fibres are elongated cells with tapering ends. 6. Its supporting value is increased by its peripheral position in the parts of stems, petioles and leaf mid-ribs. Join now. Location: Closely associated with the major supporting tissues are the phloem tissues. These are tracheids, vessels, fibres and xylems parenchyma. Tags: Tissues And Supporting Systems In Plants, ARTICLES ON BUSINESS IDEAS AND OPPORTUNITIES, 30 Best Art & Craft Business Ideas And Opportunities, 20 Best Automotive Business Ideas & Opportunities, 20 Best Business Ideas In The Entertainment Industry, 20 Best Fashion Business Ideas & Opportunities, 25 Best Importation And Exportation Business Ideas, 30 Best Internet & Online Business Ideas And Opportunities, 20 Best Media Business Ideas And Opportunities, 10 Best Oil And Gas Business Ideas And Opportunities, 10 Best Real Estate Business Ideas & Opportunities, 25 Best Service Business Ideas & Opportunities, 20 Travel, Hospitality And Tourism Business Ideas. Resilience and Flexibility: The supporting tissues also provide the necessary materials which make the plants resilient and flexible thereby preventing the plants from being broken by the bending and twisting movements caused by strong winds. The main function of meristematic tissue is mitosis. 1.The general function of the phloem is to conduct manufactured food from area of the synthesis ( leaf) to the area. 1. The complex tissues of the plant aid in this overall effort to supply the roots with food as they supply the leaves with water and nutrients. The phloem sieve tubes– are made up of elongated row of cylindrical cell which are arranged   vertically. The fibres give mechanical functions, that is, the necessary strength, rigidity, flexibility and elasticity to the plant body and also enable it to withstand various strains. Ask your question. It is made up of living unspecialized plant cell that are rough spherical in shape. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Definition And Meaning Of Economic System: Types Of…, Modes Of Nutrition In Plants And Organisms (Classes…, Pressure Group: Meaning, Types And Functions, Meaning And Definition Of Marriage: Characteristics,…, Political Party: Meaning, Types, Functions And Features, Mineral Requirements Of Plants: Classes And Examples, Meaning Of Clothing And Reasons Why We Wear Clothes (Uses Of Clothes), Fatigue, Rest And Sleep: Meaning, Importance And Guidelines For Rest And Sleep, Exercise: Meaning, Different Types And Guidelines For Exercising The Body, Good Posture: Meaning And Importance Of Good Posture, Guidelines For Choosing Footwear (Home Economics), Points To Consider Or Guidelines For Selecting Toilet Soaps.

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