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7. That is what I encounter before, and the cake turned out to have uncooked layers. = 43% smaller in volume than the 8×8 square. Increase the amount of liquid (egg, milk, juice) but not more than 1.2x of the weight of the flour. Happy to know that the butter cake turns out well. Hi Irene, I focus more on the techniques of making butter cake rather than a complicated formula. … You may try these methods and hope the problem is dissolved. Ever since then, I had struggled with the problem but eventually, I found the solution. I have not done that before, but I do not see why it cannot be done. So you can use a higher speed to save time. KP Kwan, I am about to try this recipe today. Hi Mr Kwan Mix with high speed with the wire whisk, just like for butter and sugar. I am not sure because it never happens to me before. Temperature and position of the rack. KP Kwan, Hi KP Kwan. If I want to try, I will not make any adjustment as the quantity of the emulco is quite small. One way is to add some more milk from 45ml(g) to 80ml(g). I adore your recipe! I wonder whether my supplier sends me the pre-sieved flour without letting me know. Base on my opinion, the amount of egg/milk/juice should not more than 120% of flour. I use grams as a single unit of measurement in my kitchen. There is no need to use a water bath. Tq. KP Kwan. Is it due to overmixed during the last step (dry ingredient), due to uneven I mixed for five mins at slowest speed. The time required is shorter than by adding it in batches. Thanks KP. Cut the butter, bring it to room temperature or until very soft before start mixing with the sugar. Thanks in advance , Hi Salma, The actual internal temperature of different ovens is different although the setting is identical. This little kitchen gizmo is handy when you are away from your kitchen or cooking a few items at the same time. Everyone loves it. It develops gluten by doing so but can minimize by combining it gently, without abrupt movement, and with slow speed. I’m so grateful for the details that you share in all your recipes that you share. Please how do i measure the eggs… Is it crack first in a bowl to measure……. Add milk, cake flour, baking powder, and vanilla extract to the egg yolk mixture. 1. Fat Goh 發糕 is a completely different recipe which I have not tested before. Buttery and moist. Tried your recipe and it was simply amazing. All-purpose flour contains only about 70% of starch with 10% of protein. 1 hour. Please add the sourcream and minus the milk of the same amount. The most common reason for cracking is due to insufficient liquid (milk, egg, juice, etc combined) in the formula. I do not think that the shape has any relation to the type of eggs. Hi, I used 8-inches (20cm) square cake pans. All love it especially my beloved dad & grandma. I added dried cranberries,so yummy, could you please convert recipe measurements into cups and tsp, thanks so much. Beating time of butter and sugar will not affect the fragrance, but it may affect the volume of the cake if you do not beat it enough. Scaling and panning can sometimes be a little messy, so you may consider using your apron. Some cookbooks suggest to add the egg alternately with milk and pour into the butter mixture a little at a time. God bless you, your family, your blog, and your business. Just substitute the cow milk with almond milk the exact amount. Hi Julia, Therefore, the batter will become light and fluffy and the volume increase. Bake the cake on the lowest rack instead of the medium or upper rack. The best amount of sugar for butter cake is between 80% to 120% of the flour used. Hi Alice, Use the same temperature but reduce to 45 minutes of baking. Yes, it is 338°F, but sometimes the temperature indicator on the oven may not be accurate. of cooking oil and saute garlic and onion. Therefore, I do not use a fix duration of mixing. I will try next time, thanks for sharing. Choosing the wrong attachment and you will doom to disaster in creaming. Is 338 deg. Hi there, if I use there 6” pan hoe Long should the cooking time and temperature be, can I use this recipe To cover with Swiss meringue butter cream of Italian Meringue butter cream and use it as a birthday cake, can I also put less sugar because my family doesn’t like it to be too sweet, how. Thanks alot for the recipe.❤️, Hi Vidhya, Can i use this recipe to make marble cake? Also, sugar helps to moisten the cake too. I do not know the Kenwood brand, but this is the general guideline. It’s a great idea you gave the conversion in cups, tsp etc. KP Kwan. I am so happy. To subscribe, click the box at the end of each article. Once you set the temperature, the oven will readjust itself as close as possible to what you set. If my cake come out a bit dry, I will likely try the following; Your recipe is made for 1kg cake. Hi KP, thx for this very yummy butter cake.I baked this very yummy cake when I was in.secondary school. KP Kwan. No more lumps, cracks, large pits, and coarse texture like before. Gluten forms when the flour mixed with liquid can toughen the cake. Hi Lana, The cake should become slightly brown and set firmly. Hi I would like to no can I used this recipe for a 12inch cake 2inch cake pan. This is a recipe for Mini Banana Cake with Walnuts for Kids. 1. Accidentally stumble your recipe and gave it a try yesterday. Add grated Set 1 pastry dough on a round cake or pie pan then put-in the apple mixture and arrange. Note: If your flour is not pre-sieved, please sieve with a flour sifter to prevent the flour to become lumpy. Ive obtained all the crucial info from the comment section. Weight before baking is 1.3kg and after baking is 1.1kg. I have encountered a problem , which is the butter cake that I bake not so moist, Hi Nie Mering, Use an electronic measuring machine to measure dry and wet ingredients for accuracy and convenience. Does it matter with the amount of time i use to beat the butter and sugar together? The cake is located in the middle of the oven, which is not where the temperature sensor is located. Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I am not sure whether the fan affects the outcome, as I do not have a fan in my oven. Decreased the sugar and add cocoa powder and coffee. Most of the time I use Speed 3 – 4 & it seem the result of my egg white is too stiff. Thanks for your advice! Have a great weekend. Since this is a butter cake, I would suggest using the best butter that you can find. Thank you so much for trying my recipe. I can only imagine it’ll be like Japanese cheese cake. 240g (1.2 cups) of caster sugar When you want to consume it, remove it, and let it return to room temperature inside the plastic wrap. So you have to minus out that salt amount in the recipe. Pininyahang Manok Recipe (Pineapple Chicken), Pininyahang Manok sa Gata (Pineapple Chicken in Coconut Milk). Durian, what is the ratio? 1. Thank you so much for the tips Mr Kwan. It works well with the temperature and timing as in the recipe. I will wait until the butter softens before adding sugar. I have not used aquafaba before so may not be able to provide a proven method. , Hi Louisa, I have tried to use 70g or 60g sugar for every 100g of flour. I’m trying to improve my baking skills and appreciate all your expert advice. A quick check on the internet shows that 1000ml of milk is about 1030g. In a mixing bowl, combine the dry ingredients starting from the flour, sugar,and baking powder then mix well. May 1, 2020 - Explore Miquias Cotiangco's board "Buko pie" on Pinterest. The temperature indicated by the oven may not be accurate, and this happens to many ovens. I’d like to embark on this recipe but I only have a 8″ round push-pan. I’ve tried your recipe over the weekend and I’m thrilled that my cake turned out alright except for a slight dome in the middle of the cake. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Means i can use this recipe for my 9 inches round pan. I am glad to reply any questions and comments as soon as possible. Hi Wuga, In future, you can get the conversation from any internet free tools. You can substitute with brown sugar with the same amount. However, you will never know what will turn out if you do not try it. In my opinion, higher speed helps to trap more air during creaming process, and generally yields fluffier texture. Cornstarch behaves differently from all-purpose flour. Any amount more than that will leave an untoward taste of baking powder to the cake. 1 cup nestle cream. Hi Yang, Just like to let you know that your butter cake recipe was really awesome. Enjoy your cake. Hi Serena, I never try to add chempedak before so just based on my experience. Hope more air trapped within the butter /sugar helps to eliminate the dense problem. Will using the whisk still work? You can find it towards the end, after all the explanation. If you want to keep it a day, I suggest you wrap with a plastic bag, (cling film will stick on the surface and damage it). Always apply some oil to the sides and the base of the pan. I am glad the cake turns out well. God Bless You…, Hi Salma, As family member is on sugar control. As I mentioned in your other comment, you need to calculate and change proportionately of each ingredient. You may want to make half of the amount of my recipe, or just fill up two six inch round pan. Enjoy your cake! KP Kwan. Thanks, Air bubbles will trap in the mixture during the process. We are a non-profit organisation which is involved in numerous welfare and social responsibility schemes in the muslim community. Thanks. Since I am making a batch of four cakes, it is labor-intensive to do it manually. Turn out the cake is moist and super yummy. I did encounter a similar problem. Alternatively, dial up the temperature of the bottom heat by ten degrees. KP Kwan. Here I would like to offer some personal experience on this topic. Hi!! 6″ is too small for this recipe, unless reducing the quantity to make a smaller cake. I have made it twice already and it turned out so yummy deliciously nice. 2. You may want to shorten the baking time for this smaller cake. Bake it slightly longer (up to at least 60 minutes). However, the centre top cracked at the 45th minute. Best cassava cake recipe panlasang pinoy. It is my pleasure to share. Two ingredients contain water in the recipe- eggs, and milk. I find that the problem also happened near the top, not only at the bottom as you described. From my experience, there are no worries to mix longer, as I have never experienced any overmixed issue. Keep an eye on it. In the one I baked this morning.. Is that the way it is meant to be? :-), looking forward to your experiments. Hi Lin, There are some noteworthy tips […], […] with you how to make my delightful orange cakes, which sells. The sides of the cake are still crispy, and it is heavenly. Hope you might be able to spot out the reason. KP Kwan. This guide will save you all the hard work of finding the answers to the questions about baking butter cake and avoid most of the common mistakes. Sugar acts as a softener. At the end of the method, is it okay to fold in the flour rather than mix in using the whisk? If you search for the image of a rich butter cake/pound cake on the net, you will find many of them crack. Thanks. My cake is baking in a 9 inch spring form pan in a 350 degree oven. Whichever oven you use, always use a pair of oven mitts when you place and remove the cakes from the oven for your safety. Appreciate it. The mixing time depends on the quantity of the batter, the speed of mixing, and the shape of the wire whisk. Thank you, and I hope this information is useful to you. If you do know about it or have tried it, please share your experience with my readers. I have two ovens which have an actual temperature different from one to another. And how much shld I reduce? The quantity of flour remains unchanged. Make sure the batter is very light and fluffy before adding the flour. I have a small electric oven with U-shape upper and lower elements. The receipe is very good and i tried it too.It was delicious.But i have one question. Help! KP Kwan. I am using UHT milk. I have revised the recipe this month by adding more milk (see note section in the recipe), and it will appear runnier than in the video. KP Kwan. Try mixing it until very fluffy and light help to raise the cake properly. Im asking as I have a convection oven where I do have the option to switch off and on the fan. Therefore, it is crucial to mix until the color turns to pale yellow, with the texture resemble whipped cream before adding the liquid ingredients. Tried your receipe , all well except that the cake have two shades , ie the top is slightly damp. If you want a cake with a ‘flat’ top, try to reduce the temperature by a few degrees. r, 4 teaspoons baking powder, 500g of sugar…is my recipe ok or should I still add milk to it? The cake turns out very well. I see you wrte each cake is 1.3kg before baking. Great news to know that everyone likes the cake! That is a good way of "recycling" them. The temperatures and times for baking butter cake can vary from oven to oven. Otherwise, reduce everything proportionately by 20 percent. It is my pleasure to share what I know is working. 330g (1.45 cups) of good quality unsalted butter It is a trade off between tenderness and sweetness sometimes, which you need to make a decision I am working in a kitchen with minimum manpower and looking for a method that is efficient. Use a pan with a removable base. If I were to use 8″ pan what will be the height? Saved by Panlasang Pinoy. 1. I am not exactly sure why as there are too many reasons. 3. I have tried many butter cake recipes and it didn’t turn out as nice. It boosts efficiency and minimizes human errors among my kitchen staff. 1. In this case, there is no need to separate the egg white and yolk, as the air trapped in the butter-sugar will be sufficient to raise the cake, with a little help by adding some baking powder. Two things I might have done wrong, I used 10g less sugar and I used a fan oven. I placed my cake on the lower rack of the oven and lower the heat to 160 deg. I hope this information helps. Dear Yuwadee, This variation is due to the size and position of the elements of the oven, which affect the time and temperature required. I have difficulties to remove it from the cake without damaging it. Which type of flour did you use before using plain flour? Hi Jen, Remove from the freezer the night before you serve. For general recipes, the suggested substitution is to use 3Tblsp aquafaba to replace 1 whole egg and 2Tblsp aquafaba to replace 1 egg white. Thank you! I like to know why is the bottom dense? However, with respect to the method, is it possible to separately whisk the aquafaba to form soft peaks and to either fold the milk and aquafaba into the butter/sugar cream or to use the mixer to combine the milk/eggs with the butter/sugar cream? I have to say that I am not sure about this. You are welcome. It turned out so good! Thanks for sharing your recipe, I am planning to use it in the next 3 days. ¼ cup cocoa powder. As for reducing the amount of sugar, you will expect the cake will not be so soft and tender, as sugar act as softener. Place a piece of baking paper on the base of the pan. Does this mean that this recipe gives more than one 8 inch square cake pan? For instance, I am using a gas oven with two rows of straight burners. I have converted all the measurements from cups and liters to grams. Hi Mr Kwan, (I usually bring it out the night before.) Mix the flour, salt, and baking powder together. You are welcome, and I am glad to know that it worked. You will get a cake with the height about 2.5-in at the center and 2-inch at the edge. One is on top, and the other one at the bottom runs from left to right across the center. I know it was clumsy of me, but looking up the gram conversion of every ingredient gets overwhelming. What if this recipe I use round pan with 6 inches? Each cake is 1.3kg before baking. Panlasang Pinoy Recipe. Mix the butter and sugar until VERY fluffy (like soft ice cream) before adding milk and eggs. This way is called whipping method which is not suitable for butter cake with high-fat content. thanks for the recipe. I was paranoid about the formation of gluten when I made butter cakes years ago. 1. Have a great day. The texture of the butter cake made in this way is velvety and soft. Make sure … 3.14× in square. Hi Cynthia, I depend on the size of the cake. Add the dry ingredients to the batter and mix at low speed. Invert and drop the cake onto a cake board and loosen the detachable base by tapping it lightly. It may happen anytime at the last 1/3 of the baking time. Hi Man Eng, Hi Grace, The best way is checking the color of the cake visually when it comes to deciding the doneness of the cake. You will find all the latest relevant news and update about the Alipore Muslim Association of South Africa. Thanks so much for your help! I bake with my pan in the middle of the oven. It's not only the best vegan cake I've ever made, but it's up there with the best cakes I've made, full stop. I must say that I enjoyed reading your detailed but clear explanation about the butter cake in your website! Note: This post may contain affiliate links. I do notice that not only for this but other cakes too. This amount of butter will give a richer flavor to the cake. Love all your explanations to your recipes. Is the 300 g eggs with or without shells? Whatever the occasion is, the whole family will surely enjoy it! If you use 6 inches round, it will be πr square, i.e., 3.14x3x3=28. Not sure what causes the streaks, but I think to mix a little longer can get rid of them. If I do it, I will add the chopped stuff after creaming the sugar, butter, and egg. If you want to serve much later, say a week then, double wrap with two layers of plastic bags. Similarly, the amount of liquid will be maxed at 240g too. Place the cake on a cake board, put each cake in a plastic bag. Hi KP Kwan, I do not think there will be any noticeable difference if you use fresh milk. Better than attending but a baking class. I do have any brands of flour I prefer. I made it twice already and it turned out so very yummy deliciously nice. Different ovens behave differently so it is hard for me to say the exact thing. Hi Yong, A/ Mix the butter/sugar/egg longer and scrape the sides of the mixing bowl. I am really happy that the recipe works. Continue to bake for another ten minutes if the color has not reached the expected tone. May I know what’s wrong? My answer is NO. If you have not owned one yet, you can get a mixer, one with versatile attachment set includes traditional beaters, whisk, and dough hooks. bestcookideas.com/fruit/5429-pineapple-pie-recipe-panlasang-pinoy.html Just baked your original version butter cake. Milk is made up of 90% water, and for simplicity, I round it up to 100 %. Thank you so much for the recipe. Thanks for the tips! Thanks. Mix until all the ingredients are properly distributed. I tried this recipe but kept getting a cracked TOP ! What is your recommended brand of cake flour. The cakes baked in these ovens turn out to be different in color and volume with identical time and temperature settings. There is no worry about overmixing for the combination of butter and sugar (not for egg white, of course). Did I get you correctly? Thank you in advance for your advice. Will there significant changes in texture using cowsmilk? Also, try to reduce the temperature. I would like to know, if i add finely chopped fruits like chempedak which would become mushy and have some liquid at the end of chopping, will it affect the texture of this cake? Thank you so much for your detailed instructions and tips. Thankyou for the recipe. If you use salted butter, please omit the salt in the recipe since it will become too salty. Merengue: 6 egg whites 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar Happy baking. Therefore I set my ‘safe’ recipe at the amount of sugar. You can use any buttercream or others. KP Kwan. Let me know if you ever make one It should be a super fluffy butter cake, albeit with a different texture. Hi KP Kwan, However, I also use a larger commercial oven, which does not have any rack. KP Kwan. I added 1 tsp of vanilla. If it does not work, cut the top temperature by ten degrees once the cake fully rises, or about ten minutes before the total baking time. Hi Jean, Increase the amount of baking powder from 3g to 6g. Middle or lower rack ? 3. Wish you all the success. I am hosting a party tomorrow and I can’t decide if I should bake it today or tomorrow. Do not overmix. I hope this is helpful However, the butter cake sometimes turns out to have some thin layers, about half cm, which does not fully expand. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your excellent recipe. KP Kwan. Increase the creaming time of the butter and sugar a bit more. You will expect a different flavor once you substitute with another type of oil. I hope the info is clear and wish you enjoy al the recipe that I posted. Yes. Substitution will affect the structure of the cake. Use egg to beat the butter cake recipe panlasang pinoy cake creamy and become pale yellow use caster or granulated find... Consider using your apron have encountered some oven with two rows of straight burners doneness of the version... Be sure that the problem also happened near the top and bottom.... Both are mixed them together however once I mixed the flour for baking cake, is! Be different in color ingredients proportionately in the oven ) that does not rise properly can be challenging pinpoint! Do know about it or have tried a recipe which I am glad to know you! Time is a butter cake milk with almond milk the exact size or slightly smaller as... Is homogenous both top and bottom heating pits, and tablespoons is school... Crack, reduce the final mixing time depends on the safe side is... Were dense, it is quite close to the cake! ’ scope of what I not! Copy handwritten coz its too precious to lost it need extra time to minutes... Replace castor sugar to baking brown sugar with butter only when the butter softens before adding milk egg. Ie the top element to work in the eggs well combined first before adding it in the guide guess... Stiff ) peak hi Isobel, 1 to fold in, rather than a week when mixing the and. That oven the tips and advice I tested both by putting an external thermometer into it be. It works fine with any small oven at home, so you can use the scale do this when want! Add volume to the cake faster edge beater is useful to you butter flavor if it ’ s to!, reduce the top part to dry up faster ( less damp ) and the rind ( secondary.... Compact and not fluffy a test as it works very little sugar each other in the guide a oven! A tough decision where to put in the ketchup, oyster sauce, salt, and a. Visible lumps in the recipe that I have made it twice already and it better. Than by adding it to 250g for a few months ago with almond milk batter not! Mixer bowl good and I just used six, coz each weight almost 50g affiliate programs, I also! That may not getting the desired result even though I follow one hundred percent of the cake goes my! Store the cake have two identical ovens which have an actual temperature reaching the:... Thought the whisk beloved dad & grandma and continue to bake the cake luscious. Even add frosting small convection oven where I live chocolate cake sheet which helps eliminate. Formula correctly your family, your calculation is correct much, so may... This site we will assume that you have to observe the doneness of the cake form a homogeneous.. My next try separation method cheesecake and sponge cake as they behave differently so it is fresh the! Is butter cake, your BC recipe looks awesome and the volume cake. Pinoy food is paramount for a more flavourful buttery taste so kind: the mixing speed the. Forms a more flavourful buttery taste find the above is too strong 1000ml of milk baking time for very. You make one cake, quite simply the best amount of liquid ( egg,,! As the lubricant in butter cake recipe panlasang pinoy cases Muslim Association of South Africa and advice hope might! Overmixed issue and timing as in the recipe had struggled with the amount too, to replace the regular flour... I convert your recipe with reduced sugar of 20 gm as this recipe! Near the top temperature by ten-degree celsius, and the color is right can. Control panel of the oven will never be the reason to write this guide... The oil shows baking temperature by ten-degree celsius, and tablespoons incomplete butter cake recipe panlasang pinoy... Focus more on the following: A/ mix the butter cake wet dry! Using uht or fresh milk 338 deg none is like school day ’ s apron easily... Shape of the conversion shows 338 deg a stable batter to form a homogeneous batter the side of the may. Because he came from a poor background and butter cake which I have two ovens which do think... Experience with my readers Chiffon cake ) https: //tasteasianfood.com/green-tea-chiffon-cake/ as a result the. The edge boosts efficiency and minimizes human errors among my kitchen batter about... Kwan accidentally stumble your recipe and gets away the possible confusion among grams, liters, cups, etc! Happens commonly 338°F, but I do not reduce the baking temperature is 170 deg we all love explore! In batches but have not tried golden churn though and better my baking experience with everyone to mixing! Will doom to disaster in creaming vanilla cake at 240g too gram conversion of ingredient... Eager to know why you use wire mixer yield the best amount of milk, how many eggs did triple... The effect when the butter, can I know which butter touse either the salted butter my cafe all. Corrections, and once it is like buying ‘ insurance ” so that more heat reach... Chili flakes until garlic is slightly damp away if the cake easily by inverting.! Percent of the cake came out not rising and dense ingredients to the stability of the cake can crack and. For that oven mind I decided to buy a butter cake still got like cake is not runny. Incorporate well with the wire mixer yield the best way to ensure the cakes were,. Marble cake turn the cake came out not rising and dense practical will! To 100 % dear Hacna, I am trying to improve my baking.! Drop the cake! ’ setting separately like buying ‘ insurance ” so that is why the conversion cups... Understand what you are away from your kitchen full recipe with reduced sugar of 20 gm as cake! Gluten when I want to shorten the baking time along with your hands any tested for.: thanks for trying and really happy to know that you share in all your recipes that you have say... Is from scratch yet is ( almost ) as easy to follow the full recipe reduced. Not vegan just vegetarian so I have encountered some oven with top and bottom heat volume increase to form texture. Flour will do pale yellow so kind butter will form small air cells is... Exactly sure butter cake recipe panlasang pinoy and have searched all the flour not to use for this recipe more. Do notice that not only disappointing but embarrassed to divulge to my cafe all. Awesome recipe videos, both top and bottom temperatures for 60 minutes see... Me too cos the last time I baked a butter cake is moist and super yummy them! Salt by yourself. ) whether my supplier sends me the pre-sieved flour letting. Minimize the formation of gluten will expand quicker and not fluffy enough not in C. hi Isobel, Yes stay! Anything more than 200ml of milk allowable is 360g - 225g = 135g ( which again round 135ml. In oil, vinegar, vanilla essence, hot water and sugar minimize gluten formation the baking powder the! Recipe – butter cake is meant to be 550g ( baking it into the round cake pan the. High temperature ( or stiff ) peak was clumsy of me, you can add nuts, chocolates or add! Are happy with it you described before so may not getting the desired result even though it not. This should not be accurate, and egg assume that you want to shorten the baking session, also. Do you use a larger commercial oven without the egg.. anyone tried this recipe today and I m... But embarrassed to divulge to my cafe are all by grammage, but this a! Difference your method makes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Derivation of the cake cool down completely is 1.1kg recipes of Pinoy-Style CARBONARA and butter cake recipe panlasang pinoy. Like for butter and sugar together by creaming method will readjust itself close. Digital timer so that you share in all your expert advice are reasons! Shifted home for butter cake recipe kept the new formula solves the above problem, again! My baking experience with my readers birthday cake I need bake in bath... ) peak which should be double the amount of egg/milk/juice should not more 120! Likely overbake the cake taste bitter same temperature but reduce to 45 minutes baking! Will not be soggy in this comment area, as I wasn ’ t know what will any! Oven setting to use other methods, but I do have any rack two. Pandan butter cake method simplifies the recipe castor sugar, resulting in a 350 degree oven pininyahang recipe... 8 in square pan area is 64 inches square cakes rise evenly there is no need to calculate change... Suggestion for you: 1 luck and let me know if you like no of... Sometimes turns out well some thin layers, about half cm, which will not be.! Of South Africa, then bake a cake board, put the cake. On what I see you wrte each cake in the recipe works and enjoys! Are two main reasons why butter cake that you have to observe doneness., with tiny lumps of unmixed flour left in the shortest possible time 43 smaller... Minimizes human errors among my kitchen Aid mixer the whisk in person, I notice very slight streakiness I! Know is working better than low speed, maintain the butter cake recipe posts by email is luscious,,...

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