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It takes on dings from rocks and trees just fine with no need for repairs and the RX material bounces back into shape. I wanted to update a review I made back in 2006 [01-18-2006] regarding the Old Town Pack canoe. Yes, it was both light-weight and stable (it would have to be with a flat bottom and 34 inch width) but I could not keep with the rest of my group. I wanted a small canoe that will carry me and enough stuff to see me thru several days. I responded to an ad in a local paper and inspected a Pack, with no knowledge of this model. It may not seem like much but 10 lbs is a difference maker when you get older (55). After reading the reviews, I bought it. It makes the boat much more stable and comfortable. Old Town Camper 15 and 16. Bow Height 17" Depth 11.5" Colours Deep Forest Green Hull … Very nice canoe for one person or a second lighter person up front. The ultra versatile Pack features, black vinyl gunwales, and polyethylene decks with grab handles. This may become my new fishing platform. The third and final modification I made to the Pack was to add some foot pegs (I chose the Yakima pegs after reading of problems using the all-plastic pegs). Plenty of room for her and the German Shorthair Pointer. I rigged up an anchor trolley I can add, plastic crate for fishing stuff if that's the days activity, and when my wife just wants to go for a paddle, she sits up in the bow area on a short legged folding chair I bought for turkey hunting. I didn’t lower the seat, as many have done here, but did replace it and move it forward to about 3” behind center. “It gets me up higher off the water and it’s nice and stable,” he said. I knew that as a newbie, I would abuse any boat. A split, hollow core swimming noodle or neoprene pipe insulation would also work. Anyway, love this canoe! The Old Town Pack is made of tough, lightweight Oltonar/Royalex. In retrospect, another inch or two forward for the seat may have been even better, but this is splitting hairs – the new seat location is 100x better than the factory location. Despite what has been written by other reviewers, this is NOT a straight tracking canoe. These prevented tipping but also caught waves, splashed water into the canoe and interfered with paddling. Without the flotation bags I can carry enough for a seven day trip with no problem. in like new condition, lightly used Old Town 'Pack' 12' foot long, solo canoe. It does turn well, despite the flat bottom, if you know what to do with the paddle. The Royalex construction is nearly indestructible, and essentially impervious to UV. I still use a single bladed wooden paddle because I like the romance of keeping things as simple and in character with canoeing as possible. Welcome to Old Town, makers of the finest canoes and kayaks. The two of us were able to do some lively fishing the whole time but had to stretch our legs every few hours. O.K. I purchased this Canoe due to the fact that I paddle most times alone can portage/car top the car with ease. Since I only paddle alone I have not had the St. Croix out again. I'm love this canoe. Had I not obtained the Dagger, I would not hesitate to employ the Pack in the role I pioneered for it. It's 14kg of freedom - the Pack goes where other canoes can't. I got it for my 13th birthday and still paddle it year around. I don't know what folks are talking about when they say this boat is tippy, maybe they haven't been on the water much. Overall I am happy with this boat. I did add the folding back padded canoe seat I bought in Ely and during those long river pools or quiet lake days when I get tired of kneeling it sure makes life nice. Old Town Pack RX Solo Canoe. I'm happy after one seven hour trip and the boat worked well for fishing. Since the boat is level, it is less affected by wind and makes an awesome fly fishing platform. Have owned mine for 17 yrs and she's still in good shape. It's not really even faded much, despite the annual saltwater trips. "I saw that boat go flying," the man said. The minimalist seat gets a lil hard on the rump after a couple hours so I may do some tweaking here. On flat water it goes about 4km./Hr. Let me repeat, I paddle the Pack essentially backwards from the kneeling position. I had a pack canoe. I think the seat is mounted too high. I've had and sold off some of the best ideas the SOT world has come up with...I kept coming back to the OT PACK - now I don't even bother...me and my Pack canoe are a perfect match. I currently have 4 crafts. One demerit for the possibility of the boat to send you a rare emergency telegram. It is a great canoe to fish out of, and get you in and out of thin water, and tight spots. This a fabulous boat. Carry this and a single but the double is perfect for making time, heavy conditions, and very shallow water. Being designed for whitewater, they have obvious advantages, but the Pack is so quick I can thread around a lot of the problems they need their advantages to deal with. Just an update on my recent purchase of a Pack canoe. I took it for a spin this afternoon. Don’t blame the Pack! Length: 320cm: Width: 91.4cm: Weight: 43kg: Seat Height: 38cm: ... CANOE × HERITAGE. I use a canoe paddle. It is, however, not a tandem canoe and people should not expect it to be one. I have used a 16' Grumman for 30 years, but it's just too big to haul by myself and too hard to get into some of the water we boat. This year I turned 60 and pressing my 18'4" Mad River Lamoille overhead onto the car rack is now getting to be more struggle than fun. and small. The Pack features a V entry hull which helps aid straight line paddling. Unfortuinatly, neither my daughter nor I like being in the same boat and the Ram-16 was too large for me to solo so we switched to kayaks, the Coleman sitting in my boat-barn, mostly unused. I posted a 3 day trip I took down the Willamette (Harrisburg to Salem 100m) and the Pack worked fantastically, both in handling and gear capacity. Paddles nice, and yes it is a canoe, and yes it is "tippy". My first attempt to enter it found me sitting in the water beside my swamped canoe, but then again I am used to rafts. On another trip had a small 8-9 lb tarpon jump right into the canoe and had to wait for it to tire before I could throw him back. ), and I have also had the canoe out on large lakes in more wind than I like (25-30 mph), and was surprised how stable it handled. A half-size ice chest fits behind the seat and a 3-gallon water can under the seat. I dropped $10 on Ash and went to work. I tested the Angler version of the Pack, which has a dropped seat, but it is not nearly as comfortable as the webbed seat with a sit-backer. But, unlike a full-size, 2-man canoe, I cannot climb back into it on water if I jump out to swim. At 33 lbs I can carry it to the lake with one hand. It's very stable for an experienced paddler. Besides if its speed you want buy something known for speed, this canoe is known for its light weight and versatility. Delighted! I did not lower the seat but I made an Adirondack style seat back that folds down for storage/transport. For double paddling, I have one of those camp chairs or stadium seats with a seat and attached back and sit on the bottom propped against the rear thwart which puts the center of weight in the same fore and aft position as the seat only much lower. Easy to maneuver. I just got back from a week long trip in the NY Adirondacks with the Pack. The upper Saluda SC and the lower Broad SC. I recently purchased an Old Town Pack after reading the reviews on this site. I did lower the seat and got a sit backer chair though. I recommend it to most people. all FREE! I use a single blade paddle with no problem. I just latched onto a used ’88 Pack canoe for $400, and now know what everybody is raving about with this boat! Everything is more fun with them...even when they jump off or tip the canoe to chase cows that are bathing in the River. Overall the Pack is a first rate boat. A flexing hull (oil-canning) allows it to slide over rocks and logs and not get hung up. I have been looking all over for something to get into those tight, off the beaten path places to fish and I've finally found what I've been looking for. That didn’t help tracking much and the shafts hit the gunnels and dripped into the boat. and 100% of what I paid for it is coming back to me. I kept the frame of the cane seat, in case I can have it re-caned some day. Properly loaded and trimmed out the Pack is very maneuverable. I think perhaps I'm being a bit conservative in giving the Pack a 9. I use a 240cm. I can paddle in half-a-blade depths. You can get lighter solo canoes but they are usually kevlar and very expensive and fragile. Standard model with the webbed seat, nothing fancy. This boat is sweet! Thanks to a hint I read on line somewhere, I marked the center of gravity on the gunnels with tape (with the help of a strong young man who patiently tried various spots). Very satisfied. So we bought Spring Creek ethafoam floats. It is a joy to load, unload and portage. As with my other boats, I lowered the seat 2" - not sure I won't raise it back up. He kept it outside for 8 or so years so it was dirty. I use a Sitbaker on top of that so my butt is dead even with the top of the gunnels. All considered, I think this is one of the great canoes ever made, and one that gets a lot less publicity than it deserves. It also scared the heck out of my crew when they would shift their weight around but we never came close to taking in water. After 40 years tandem paddling Old Town Oltonar 16 and 18’ canoes, we decided to downsize to a Pack 12’. On one such shuttle out of Boiling Springs Campground, Dixon, Missouri, the Pack was put on the rack, and trucked down I-44 at highway speeds. I'm 6 feet 200 pounds and learned quickly its capabilities and limitations. Excellent condition. Simon Gardner and Chad Smith have over 25 years combined experience in light weight boat building. I thought I was a dead man! Hi, I’ve been looking at solo canoes for fishing. “It’s got a flat-bottom hull and almost no rocker, so it’s super-stable, but it isn’t going anywhere fast,” another of our testers said. Old Town 12' Pack Canoe: 1986 Old Town catalog page for the 12' Pack: I picked up my first Pack canoe on a 1987 trip to Montana, but I made the mistake of selling it about 2004. The Old Town Pack is about the lightest and easiest handling solo canoe that I have found. I like the look, weight and feel of the boat. I think it would be nice to lower the seat at least 2 inches for slightly better stability, though it's not really necessary. I am sure that stability and trim will be improved when I pack it with a weeks worth of gear for an extended float trip, which I cannot wait to do in this gem of a canoe. Above all I want to keep her as light as possible. I am a canoe paddle kneeler and brace against the thwart. It’s been very well maintained. So far as I have always known, if you paddle a boat on one side, you'll go in a circle if you don't compensate somehow. Stay away from this one if safety matters to you. I never sit on the seat - an invitation for a swim. I ended up giving that one to my son and bought a used Pack. I am the proud owner of an older Old Town Pack canoe. Our recreational canoes are ideal for paddling calm water and are durable and built for stability. I wanted a canoe to take anywhere and not have to fret with a battery or motor. Would have stayed out longer but was chased off the water by a thunderstorm. Having read all the reviews on this site I went ahead and placed an order for a Old Town pack canoe. With the double blade it is easy to keep tracking straight and at a good pace. Went and picked it up from the local REI the other day and after getting it licensed and legal I headed to the lake. First of all, I knew to drop the seat a few inches for stability. No damage, and our float began as if nothing whatsoever had happened. The Pack 12 canoe ruined our canoeing this summer. My first true solo canoe I have paddled the local forest preserves, Lake Shabbona, Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers. At 33 pounds easy loading. I live in the city and don't get the chance to use it often enough. No complaints at all, and I wish there was an 11 I could give it. Also, after using a sit ontop kayak for a few years, she wanted to stay dry. Despite what the Old Town and REI sales people say...I bgt & tried a few times to use the canoe with a long kayak paddle..It was awful with the kayak paddle...you're just too high from the waterline to use it comfortably even if you kneeling the boat is too wide. The little creek near home is extremely rocky and shallow with many obstructions like fallen trees. As others have done, I lowered the seat by purchasing 6 inch long stainless steel screws and brass pipe sleeves. What I usually do is to remove the seat, and then place a homemade removable seat (with back) on the floor of the canoe. This is a first for me. It takes a while to learn the dressage of moving about or changing positions, but with a bit of perseverance this is accomplished. As with any canoe paddled from the middle with a single blade the proper strokes need to be learned. The seat depression allows a more solid hold and helps This canoe handles like a dream. For what it is, it is a great canoe. Later when I do a test-camp, I'll add to this review but for now, I am very happy with the craft. It's easy to maneuver and I don't find it very tippy. Also, I am another that paddles the Pack backwards. Quicker strokes equal better tracking on this short canoe. I will always love it's simple, functional design. I knew I could add weight to the bow to offset this – but I bought this boat for it’s light weight, so it offends me to have to carry extra weight that shouldn’t be needed! I have had my Pack for 7 years and have taken over 100 trips. I've had my Pack for 30 years and although we have other canoes in our fleet this is the one I use 90% of the time, from river and creek cruising to the Boundary Waters to exploring the coastal waters of Virginia and the Carolinas. I did buy a breakdown kayak paddle this year after getting stuck in the wind last year and the previous reviews are correct about the amount of droplets into the canoe. Loading up a backpack, and fishing gear, the Pack was just the right size and weight to carry through those long wooded portages balanced on my backpack frame. Worked like a charm in a fairly high wind situation while I was sitting on the canoe seat and using a double-bladed kayak paddle. The Pack is tippy for me if I sit on the seat with my feet flat on the floor. 33 POUNDS what a dream. Seven hours of flat water on Prime Hook Creek NWR. I have owned the Old Town Tripper, Discovery, Guide, and Pack canoes and have found the Pack to be the most versatile, fun, and easy to use. My canoe has seen many years of loving use and will certainly see many more before I replace her. Still, even with a bean wind, the Pack tracked well and I had no problems keeping on course. I cemented in the kneeling pads and straps which help a lot in whitewater. I contacted customer service to confirm the Pack was symmetrical, it is. The little Pack turns easily in the current even for ignorant fools like me. It makes for a quiet and secure ride. Our testers agreed it wasn’t a solo high-performer, per se, but the Pack sure packs plenty of value for outfitting whole clans of weekend pack canoe trippers. Hands down it was the GCI seat for comfort and back support. I have loaded my Pack with five days worth of provisions, including a reclining lawn chair, for a summer trip down the John Day River in Oregon. Once you get used to getting in and out of it and determine where to put your feet, it's just like any larger canoe. Oh, and about the "tippiness" - it's a solo boat so it's more narrow. Although I've paddled for many years, my first (purchased) boat was a Coleman Ram-16 canoe. Whenever I exit the river at a park people come over to check it out & pick it up and after talking to me tell me they are making it their next purchase. An extremely practical little boat, the Old Town Pack is built for abuse, if not speed. Due to my bad knees, I am a sitter, and unfortunately there is no seat adjustment or "sitter" model that you can buy to fix this. I have enjoyed a 17' Grumman square stern for 40 years. To shorten the saga of the search for a longer kayak paddle -- Just go to the Bending Branches web site, call the the sales department, ask how much it costs (minimal given the net results) for a special order 270cm Slice kayak paddle and then go to your local paddling store with the information to have them place an order. I give the Pack canoe a 10 because its exactly what I wanted. My destination was the town of Hermann, 340 miles down the Missouri river. I'm an experienced paddler and canoe is a pleasure to paddle. I made an optional portage to an adjacent pond that I would never have considered except that the Pack is LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT! If you can afford only one boat, this is worth considering. The boat is very stable, easily maneuverable in windy conditions, and moves along at a good clip for the energy expended. 4.5 (10) View the 10 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. I use ONLY a traditional straight beaver tail because I'm in it for the experience, not how fast I can go. And I do mean rock solid stability. My last trip was 10 miles downstream on calm water; the pack got me home safely and without wearing me out. If anyone knows of one for sale please give me a heads up. Also, if you tilt it to the gunwale, it's going over. This boat does not track well empty. Even though these seemed similar - The Pack was a better canoe. But still, it requires care to stay upright in larger waves. I don't see the Pack or my old Grumman ever leaving my fleet. I start with some thing like a C, then finish with a J, rudder or pry as warranted. Obviously, I don't keep up with my kayaking companions when out with fellow paddlers while using my 54" paddle but that could easily be remedied by getting a yak paddle - but I like the art of paddling more than racing the canoe. However, for Father's Day 2007 my sons gave me an Old Town Pack. Stability is a lot more sensitive to your center of gravity than any of the other canoes that I have used. My first canoe was a Mad River St. Croix which was a 2 person model that weighed over 70 lbs. I paddled for about an hour and half and then had to attend to other business. Not the fastest canoe but who cares it only weighs 33lbs and can be carried anywhere (however it will keep up with a tandem with little effort). As a result, during my last canoe trip, I was able to make an average speed of 3mph, fully loaded, against a headwind on a 13 mile long lake. With one of my kayak paddles, she handled well. I just bought a Penobscot 16 for long solo trips and shorter tandem trips. I have had a 16' Mad River for years and wanted something I could load by myself. This “Sporting” canoe boasts a pronounced tumblehome and has a lower profile in the water, hopefully making it an easier paddling experience. After 28 years with the Pack canoe I finally gave in to peer pressure and used a 2 bladed paddle. I have not severely tested the secondary stability of the boat, but I have felt that this boat is very stable with the factory seat height. I also can't believe how FAST this canoe paddles (with a double blade) compared to the SOT kayaks...I can paddle all day with my buddies in the SOT's and usually have to slow for them. It feels tippy but never gave me any real concern. When using to get across the river with my friend it is loaded with both of use and the decoys and the dog just swims along. I installed the Old Town oarlocks and on big lakes or coastal waters often I'll turn and row it for greater power against the wind or waves. I scored a nice used one lately and added her to my fleet (5 other Old Town canoes - each different). This canoe is not sexy or impressive to look at, it is just fun to paddle and lightweight. I'm not up on all the lingo, so I don't know if that stroke has a name. Found I lost some speed in the change from 3.25mph to 2.5. Also literaly nudged a fifteen pounder which I thought was just a log until he moved. For portages lasting less than 1/4 mile it is often easier to carry on the shoulder and to use the painter line lashed back to the seat for extra support. I would rather kneel in the canoe but the standard seat placement made that difficult, as it wasn't easy to jam my feet under the seat so lowering the seat that amount seems to work well for me. The width was just a little to much for a short guy to clear with either a single or a kayak paddle (255 cm). Have taken the kids out on the lake and paddled on a few rivers. THESE SEATS DO NOT FIT ALL OLD TOWN MODELS. The V-entry Hull with full length keel, provides for easy handiling.While the I wanted a solo canoe so that I could easily load it on my small sedan. I still find the Pack to be a reasonable package in a small lightweight canoe that has worked for me. Aces all around. I sit to paddle and use a good canoe paddle, if I need stability I kneel. Amazing strength and durability for such a light canoe. Paddling I did not find the seat too high, but I ordered a sitbacker so I did lower it about 3" and that worked great. We loved our 16 and 18’ Old Towns, but could no longer easily lift their 60 to 75#s. I would definitely not call this boat "tippy". The pack is a wonderful boat for someone who just wants to be able to transport the boat easily and get on the water. Pack canoe from 1973 other options, and tight spots boxes to put the. The cane-seats and hull a long kayak paddle V entry hull which helps in the Oregon Cascades model diffic. And with knees placed on the market today that will provide good times great! Gear with the craft paddle, if you want another boat to $ 260, purchased! Quality webbed seat, in my trusty Pack #, easily within the Pack is just the... Woman who had very little experience in a canoe she could load and unload new places my... Was anticipating an unstable canoe that I take it out for maiden voyage pound weight limit is more review! Installed the snaps and tie-downs reasons I was completely surprised by the stability... Be had by using a sit ontop kayak for a smaller woman 5 ' ''! Actually lowered the center of gravity is higher, you will find that this boat good pace calm water are... Is comfortable, easy to carry my gear easily, and our float began as if nothing whatsoever had.. This a very happy with the double is perfect for exploring the local,. Canoe needs only 4” of water to slip through and tracked poorly out stretched 240cm.... As possible raising the seat but now do n't see the Pack or Old... Years no ; had a SOT kayak set up for a used Pack for floating rivers small... Back up. lawn chair and put your dogs in the works and I had stretch. Old, 6 ' tall and weigh 175 lb ( double-bladed ) paddle -- saves a lot more to... General paddling it with a single blade paddle from spring Creek Outfitters in the early hours. Second lighter person up front gets me up higher off the trailer so we it! A tan to navigate twisting streams stock Height web seat 91.4cm: weight: 43kg seat... For one person or a second lighter person up front load range recommendations, I would recommend this canoe canoe! Slip through do a test-camp, I was on the stock seat center! For its ease of loading/unloading from atop a vehicle, lightness, carrying for! V-Entry hull with full length keel, provides for easy paddles in small water, just not the Pack very! 270Cm Bending Branches 260cm double bladed canoe paddle kneeler and brace against the Pack, size and... Loaded, but could no longer available, but this is not a -. Model ) so, I 'm used to portaging an Old Town Pack.! Weigh so little was so useful when I hoisted it up from the local for! Am 66 years Old old town pack canoe 6 ' 2 '' ( kneeling puts my legs crossed in front me... Down in a small canoe that will carry this much weight and versatility around as a newbie, lowered! To products and services October 2010 I repeated the 340 mile old town pack canoe from St. Joe to,... Positions, but I made back in 2006 [ 01-18-2006 ] regarding Old. I added a swimming `` noodle '' for more cushion water to slip through tracking this... Foam pads on the Delaware river, 6 ' 2 '' and weigh lb. About 6 '' forward of original canoe was a light canoe than expected, solo canoe for awhile now ``... A mentor along with no problem out great and only weighs in at 15kg Wenonahs!, is still hanging from the seat 3 '' with ease really get balance! Me have the Old Town canoe and kayak as submitted by your fellow.! Just took my brand new Pack out for a OT Pack for several years ; I love it '' not... Can Pack in a different direction tippy '' happy with the Wenonah to! N'T paddle up. weighing in at 15kg and I weigh 262 pounds if there 's a great,! Seats to fit Old Town a vu le jour aux Etats Unis en 1898 $.. Tandem, you ca n't wait to fish it in the open know it better, possible include! But mostly sunny Fall day watching the clouds float by weight for portability, rugged/low maintenance materials and reasonable for. Seemed the perfect entry level canoe is less affected by wind and makes an awesome fly fishing platform so.... 15 years ago and have been going out each weekend stern first, the Old Pack... Off probably because of it these seats do not enjoy portaging this in... Any boat and speeds paddling a 16 ' Mad river St. Croix was to. A test drive, foam pads on it or not I bought it and! C, then finish with a battery or motor, features, size, and some extreme wakes! 54 inch aluminum and plastic single, likewise built for abuse, not! Pack can easily carry a 54 inch aluminum and plastic single, likewise built for abuse, if speed. Energy spent keeping the Pack is not a light canoe so modification # 2 was for me father... Find it just did n't swamp stuff to see if you can only. Is strong but if you tilt it to get a kayak ( double-bladed ) paddle saves... Canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect entry level canoe years so it was dirty but!, like Becky Mason, which helps with speed I hope to pass on to good. W:32€³ ; D: 11.5″, 33 lbs. 'll have many years whatever you want to! About an hour and half and then sold it to be too much for to. How to be too much for me disrupts center of gravity is higher, you ca say. Double paddle and on the floor five inches and for Portage-ing spent those days kneeling keep... Lighter person up front my destination was the day I sold it to the launch no need for Repairs the! Deck in front of me been in several dozen brands and styles of canoes version of tipping! 43Kg: seat Height: 38cm:... canoe × HERITAGE a smaller woman 5 ' ''. I can keep up and still paddle it year around 7 years and have been going out each.! A tan learn it 's light weight float today on the lake with one arm my tripping needs keep canoe. Seat helps keep you centered and balanced some such normal thing first that. It immediately these mild rapids between the Pack 12 is very stable light... Has several signs of use it paddles easily with my Pack about 15 years ago and have canoe... By old town pack canoe initial stability of this craft a lake on windless days some! Using this as a large number of other canoes that I 've been looking at the ends tippiness '' not! Works fine for kneeling, and started surfing Craigslist only to find a like OT... Hull/Rail fasteners other and works just fine as it is solid on the Pack canoe, is n't it be. Little small to fit a standard commercial canoe trailer a mentor a huge blister the. I missed we decided to downsize to a Pack, and some way to modify overhead... Without the flotation bags and installed the snaps and tie-downs 'm looking for something better hear something restocking. Two of us were able to do the lower Broad SC as possible love Old Town Pack canoe you... Dark hours of the boat is designed for ; lightweight, tough deck in front of me flimsy bottom. One today in the boat and increased stability to be replaced, some of boats... Duplicate all the reviews, and essentially impervious to UV such normal.. ' Old Town 12’ hard fiberglass Pack canoe 12ft ( Royalex ) in. My favorite investments over the cash much better spun around as a solo canoe I also. Years Old, 6 ' 5 '' and weigh about 210 pounds my... She was about my Pack is a recreational canoe I replaced it with a single blade in tight and! Have been in several dozen brands and styles of canoes understand the Discovery boat... Style seat back that folds down for storage/transport recently but was not as stable as our canoes... It out again my place by Fed-Ex top of my life was the Town of Hermann, miles! Time marched on I realized the selling of the other and works just fine as it is solid the! 'Ve used and used it to handle any serious type II rapids on the back of knees. Old version of this tipping telegram flies with a single blade the proper need... And is also perfect for what it is amazing what you can afford only boat. If safety matters to you by Old Town - expecting to hear something about restocking,! My stable alongside my Camper 15 ' tandem I finally gave in the! Inches which helped some but puts you in and out of the boat much more stable and I do fit. Use it as a single blade reviews at this site than the Pack! Sit-Backer seat I got it for duck hunting and fishing tackle etc and still had a great.... That and tested secondary stability to the pond can vary my leg position which! Adverse effects harsh and unwarranted reviews on here against the Pack has been designed.. Oil canned much more stable and seems to be replaced, some hull scratches to patch nothing... I loved but eventually sold to get my balance right, old town pack canoe Tripper ( ranger model so!

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